About Me

get rid of cellulite fastHi, my name is Heather Jameson, and here are a few words about me and how I did get rid of cellulite. Watch the video from the bottom of the page, because it is the video that motivated me and kept me motivated… this was also my turning point! Also, at the end, I have a present for you, so keep reading!!

I am 35 years old, mother of 2 wonderful children. My true big passion are collecting antiques, and lately writing for women about health related issues. I spend a few hours a day searching for antiques online or in newspapers. I also love pets. I have a small dog and a turtle which, by the way, both my kids love.

I live in New Hampshire, I have a my own antique store and since my store is on a route where thousand of tourists go by, I have a good business…. I have a 2 kids. The small one is 18 months, and the other one is 4 years old.

I started having cellulite a long time ago, even though I had an active life, and didn’t really bother me to much.
During the pregnancy with my second child I gained  weight, my cellulite problem got worst, and because I stop wearing sexy outfits,  my marriage began to suffer.

I was really embarrassed with my body, and things between me and my husband were really bad. If you read my story, you now know that I had a lot of failures, I did a lot of mistakes, but finally thanks to Dr. Charles and is Cellulite Factor e-book I managed to get rid of cellulite and to develop a sexy and healthy body.

Because of this my life completely changed…. I became so happy and filled with confidence.

This is when I decided to make a website where I share my story, in order to help women get rid of cellulite and become healthy and also in appreciation to Dr. Charles…

If you want to read my full story, go to the home page of my website, to check my full story and how the steps and the coffee grind wraps done daily,  helped me get rid of my cellulite really fast…

If I did it, you can do it too! Also you will have my full support and since I went through this, listen to my TIPS and ask for my support if you get stuck or need help..

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My a-ha moment that helped me get rid of cellulite

The video below made a huge turnover for me…. I found it on YouTube the same day I first watched Dr. Charles video about The Cellulite Factor Solution program…

I had so many failures, my cellulite was so bad that there were 8 months I haven’t wore shorts. I was ashamed to be seen undressed by my husband and I was almost sure that I will have new failures…. However this video has changed everything for me.  The guy in the video, John, was overweight,and  he failed so many times during different weight loss programs…. But he finally decided that this time he will never quit. WATCH THE VIDEO TO LEARN HOW PERSEVERANCE CHANGED HIS LIFE, and then, keep reading!

I hope you know by now that perseverance is the key! Having a system to follow, that has helped thousands of other women get rid of cellulite, is great, but means nothing unless you commit to following it for at least 6 weeks!

So, start today, and don’t wait until your cellulite will accumulate more and more on your body and it will be very difficult to get rid of! 

And, about the present I promised you…. I asked Dr. Charles to allow my subscribers to try the Cellulite Factor Program for FREE, and to pay for the program only when they see results!
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