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Through this post I will share my cellulite failures, what in my opinion is by far the best cellulite treatment, and how it helped me get rid of all my cellulite in 2 months.

I started having cellulite when I was young, but it only started to look really bad, during the pregnancy with my second child. That’s when I knew that I need to find a good cellulite treatment, and to get rid of cellulite.

Which is the best cellulite treatment?

me, before I knew how to get rid of cellulite on thighsThat’s how bad my cellulite was! After having seen the photo my sister took, of my thighs, I decided to never wear shorts again until I get rid of my cellulite.

That’s when my journey started. For a few years I experimented almost every cellulite treatment available.

The 1st thing I tried were anti cellulite massages. Since near my sister lives a masseuse, specialized in massages for cellulite removal, I started seeing her twice per week.

After 15 sessions I couldn’t see almost any results, and since everything used to take me close to 1 hour and half altogether with driving there and they were not cheap, I decided to stop doing them. Since a 45 minutes massage was $ 50, I spent more than $ 750 on them with almost no results.

Then, I tried Nivea Cellulite Cream, for $ 20. After 2 months, it helped me with my leg cellulite, but I still had a lot of cellulite on my thighs, so I decided to stop using it! Guess what? After I had stopped using it, my cellulite became worst than it was before.

Then, I went to an expensive spa, were a friend of mine worked. She gave me a coupon and with it I got 50% off on a mud wrap. I still had to pay $79 for a session, and after 3 of them and no results I decided to drop them.

Then, I tried Velashape, for 2 months , and later, some special shoes for cellulite reduction. They didn’t work, so I started some special cellulite exercises – bought a CD online for $ 97.

The cellulite workouts were performed by a blond model and they were some very strange squats. After a few weeks my thighs got bigger, but somehow my cellulite was so mush worse!  I also started to have lower back pain, so I decided to stop doing the exercises. Soon after that my lower back pain stopped. So, my advice is to be very careful about the kind of exercises you do.

That’s when I decided I would try liposuction, but I was so afraid of it! I heard so many bad things about surgeries… At this point I haven’t whore shorts for over 8 months and my husband hasn’t seen me naked in months…. It was a horrible time for me! I SIMPLY COULD NOT GET RID OF CELLULITE EVEN THOUGH i WAS WORKING SO HARD.

Thanks God I met an old friend of mine, that I haven’t seen in years and she told me about a clinic in Indiana, which belongs to Dr. Charles, and is specialized in women’s health. She gave me their phone number, so I called to make a reservation. When I called, a women answered the phone, and told me that, since I live in New Hampshire, I should better visit their website, since Dr. Charles has just made his natural cellulite treatment public.

Here’s what I did. I watched a video presentation on their site and decided to buy the program, since it cost only $47 and came with a money back guarantee.

The Cellulite Factor Solution cellulite treatment, is a step by step system, that makes your body eliminate cellulite naturally and comes as an e-book and videos, that I was able to download after I paid using my credit card.

When I started reading the Cellulite Factor Solution e-book, I realized that the reason why none of the cellulite treatments I did in the past worked, was that I was doing a lot of mistakes. This gave me great confidence in the program.

The first thing I did was creating a daily routine. The Program comes with a journal where I wrote all the daily steps that I needed to do. I hanged the journal in my kitchen, so that I see it every day, and I started the next day.

The steps of the best cellulite treatment

lemon water for getting rid of cellulite in 2 weeksI started with a lemon water cleanse. I also mixed a few other ingredients Dr. Charles recommends.

The foods that reduce celluliteAt the same time I started to change my diet and to eat only foods that make your body alkaline, and makes it burn fats, like a few raw vegetables, fresh juices, a few fruits and protein from lean chicken, fish, hump seed or whey. I dropped all sugar filled beverages, cookies, junk foods.

Since I really wanted to get fast results, I started to take a few supplements that Dr. Charles recommends, all filled with antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients that boosts metabolism and double your burnings. These were all natural, and very good prices.

coffee ground wraps the best cellulite treatmentAlso, from day 4, I started to do coffee ground wraps daily. They are the best cellulite treatment, because they increase blood flow to cellulite areas and make your skin more elastic.

Using these steps I managed to get rid of all my cellulite in just 2 months, without having to starve myself or to kill myself at the gym. This is the reason why, in my opinion, The Cellulite Factor Program, is the best cellulite treatment, and since is a natural cellulite treatment and can be done at home, every woman can have the same great results in a matter of weeks

If you haven’t read the checked the Cellulite Factor Solution Program, just click the Image BELOW!

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