Get rid of cellulite tip # 1: lose those fatty tissue cells under your skin!

get rid of cellulite tip #1 get rid of fat tissue under skinHere’s how to get rid of cellulite fast!

One of the reasons why you have cellulite is the fatty tissue cells under your skin. They have accumulated under your skin because your body wants to store the unused calories for times you won`t have enough.

In the prehistoric times, when food was rare, our body wanted to have big reserves of fat. Now, even though there is a lot of food available, our body still wants those reserves.

There are 3 ways to get rid of that unwanted fatty tissues. They are all described here

First is to eat the same amount of calories, but to consume more by exercises and physical activity.

The second is to keep the same life style, but decrease the intake of calories.
Both of them offer slow results if you want to get rid of cellulite on thighs.

The third one, is the best and gives fast and great results. Eat less calories, have 70% raw vegetables and fruits (with low level of sugar) diet, and at the same time start exercising or exercise more than you did before.

And this is how The Cellulite Factor System came – to help all women get rid of cellulite fast and naturally.