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Get rid of cellulite fast tip # 7 Smoking and cellulite!

get rid of cellulite fast tip #7 smoking and celluliteHow to get rid of cellulite fast if smoking?

All women that smoke ask themselves what is the relation between smoking and cellulite. The answer is that it doesn’t lead to cellulite, but increases the appearance of cellulite.
Cigarette smoke contains a toxic mix of chemicals that accelerates the aging of skin, which makes cellulite look worse.
It also diminishes the quantity your body produces collagen and hyaluronic acid.
Collagen is the main structural protein of the skin. As a person ages, the cells of the body gradually produces less collagen.

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Smoking accelerates the breakdown of collagen in the skin and in the body, starting it at a younger age and a faster rate than nonsmokers, so it’s more difficult to get rid of cellulite fast if you are smoking.
Hyaluronic acid is a compound produced in the body. It works by helping the cells retain moisture. Our body naturally produces less hyaluronic acid as we age. But the free radicals that are either present in cigarette smoke or form in the body due to it breaks down the chains of hyaluronic acid, leading to skin that is more dry and haggard-looking.

Smoking and cellulite

Both of these have great effects on cellulite. Skin that is more firm and able to retain moisture will be able to better hide the fat that is under the surface. Think of skin like fabric. Healthy skin is like denim, and can better hide cellulite. But skin that has been ravaged by years of smoking is more like spandex is stretchy, weak, and unable to hide cellulite.

Smoking also damages the vessels in our body, making them less able to transport nutrients to the organs that need them, including the skin. To learn what you can do to banish your cellulite, watch my video http://youtu.be/s1gnXCoKGC0

This contribute to poor nutrient transport and fluid retention. This makes cellulite worse as well. If your cellulite is bad and you are smoking a lot, it’s almost impossible to get rid of cellulite fast, and it might take you a long time. So, smoking and cellulite are pretty much on 2 poles, the 1st increasing the 2nd.

In conclusion, the longer you smoke, the more irreversible damage that will be done to your skin and your health and if you want to get rid of cellulite fast and maximize your cellulite treatment you should stop smoking right away and also do something that diminishes the effect of years of smoking to your body, like increasing the intake of antioxidants.

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